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The Heart of the Songs

MARK HALL & MEGAN GARRETT (from Casting Crowns)             

Mark Hall & Megan Garrett“God promised  Abraham that he was going to be the father of many nations and they were going to have a son and he thought “You’ve got to be kidding, I’m an old guy. How is this even possible?” There was a period of time before it actually happened that they were waiting. And I think we’ve all found ourselves in that place before and that’s what I love about this song- it really captures our humanness.”



Nichole Nordeman                                                                                       

Nichole Nordeman“Stories that we haven’t told or read for a long time are still relevant and they don’t need to be relegated to Sunday School or watered down for a kid. And they don’t need to be polished and tidied up and wrapped up in a bow. Some of these stories are hard, but that’s what happened to God’s people and that’s the path they walked.  I hope that this encourages people to get back in the Word and dig a little deeper to see what God has waiting for them and how it can help write their story.”


AMY GRANT                                                                                           

Amy Grant“I just think it’s amazing when Ruth says well I have nothing, but I will throw all of my nothing in with your basket.  And life absolutely changed for both of them for the better. It took a lot of risk, it took humbling themselves.  Hopefully the song wets your appetite and makes you go read the story.”


BRANDON HEATH                                                                                 

Brandon Heath

“This is my story, I mean it really is!  I can own this! This is a song I wish I would have written.” 

FRANCESCA BATTISTELLI                                                               

Francesca Battistelli“I have a little boy he’s 9 and half months, but he was probably 5 or 6 months the first time I heard this song. And I was just blown away, tears streaming down my face, because it’s such a gorgeous picture of what Mary must have been feeling.”

NATALIE GRANT                                                                                   

Natalie Grant

“We don’t sing songs about the stories, we take on the voice of the character, and I think that makes it so much more relatable. For me, it was Mary Magdalene who we know was the first witness to see Jesus alive.  To be able to kind of put yourself in her shoes, really there would be no other words except for “Master, you’re alive! You’re alive! You’re alive!””